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Reader Despises Suit and Tie Dress Code Addressed in ‘7 Formalities Millennials Forgo in the Workplace’ (June 22 Issue)

Reader is thankful millennial men are ditching the suit and tie. – Courtesy photo


Dear Editor,

I really can’t fault millennial men for ditching suits and ties. After all, Richard Nixon wore a suit and tie when he told the nation that he wasn’t a crook. He was lying; he was a crook.

Henry Kissinger was also wearing a suit and tie when he told the nation that the U.S. military never went into Cambodia during the Vietnam War. He lied.

George W. Bush wore a suit and tie when he assured the nation that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. He too was lying.

And let’ not forget our current Liar-in-Chief, Donald Trump. He always wears a suit and tie. 

Perhaps a suit and tie is the uniform of liars  and one of the reasons why millennial men want nothing to do with them.

David Quintero



The suit and tie or rigid, hideous dress suit, while symbols of a dying generation of poised deceit, are not solely worn by our nation’s leaders. It would be remiss to neglect to mention that the dreaded, stiff, overbearingly uncomfortable suit is a garment that plagues us all and not simply worn to portray a falsehood of character. Rather, its lack of comfort and breathability hinders us from being productive. It is a uniform the nation is attempting to ditch in order to improve productivity in the workplace. While it’s a long shot reader, perhaps doing so in the White House will assist present and future leaders in focusing on accomplishing good work instead of putting on a tiresome façade.

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