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Letter to Editor: Regarding Mental Illness and Gun Violence

Dear Editor,

At the Democratic Convention many speakers spoke about outrageous gun violence.

The NRA has control over many politicians in Congress – this must change.

However, most of the recent killings have been committed by some mentally ill individuals, including the Connecticut killer, the Aurora, Colorado theater killer, the Virginia Tech killer, and the Charleston killer. Each had mental illness that was not being treated.

In Newtown, Conn., there was a state mental hospital at one time and I assume it has closed. The Sandy Hook, Conn. killer should have been in such a facility. His own mother purchased his guns.

Remember the “Unabomber?” A Schizophrenic who received no treatment.

The mentally ill released on to the streets cannot care for themselves. They have no medication and often end up homeless. Others are from wealthy families, like the man who attempted to kill Ronald Reagan.

Mental illness can strike anyone and medication can help their mental demons and we must encourage our leaders to help fund clinics to help those afflicted if we’re not going to confine them.

– S. Johnson


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